Thursday, June 21, 2012

Glacier Bay and on to Sitka

Hi Folks,  We are in beautiful Sitka, waiting for our brand new transmission to arrive from Seattle. Yep, it was damaged along the way, so John took out the old one (at great effort and travail) and will install the new one (piece of cake).  So, it's provisioning, laundry, shopping, a concert overlooking the Sitka waters and mountains, and site-seeing for a few days.  Jimmy left us for a flight back to Phoenix and 107 degrees and Stephanie.  We will miss his wonderful presence and help.  We celebrated last night with a huge helping of just-caught-by-our-fisherman neighbor-king salmon and birthday cake.  That boy is going places!
Here are some photos, no particular order but you'll get an idea of the travels.  We are doing really well, and Buddy continues to be a loyal and happy little guy.  No, he never learned to "go" on the boat.  Love to you all,  Carol

Mist and rain in Glacier Bay

Captain Jimmy

Beautiful reflections in flat water

Big bear munching on the low-tide beach

And his friend

Jimmy caught a crab!

Where's my mom?

Jimmy eats his crab!

Noisy eagles waiting for their dinner

Sea lions on Marble Island in Glacier Bay

They smell 

And they yell at each other
 We'll try to post before we leave, but after
that we won't be in contact until Ketchikan again.
Eagles in Hoonah - they are everywhere!


  1. Fantastic photos, thank you for sharing them! Jimmy was just a little thing last time I saw him, maybe eleven years old. Hard to believe he's a grown-up already. Handsome guy!
    I'm so glad you're having a great trip, it looks amazing.
    Love You,

  2. Fantastic shots! You are getting it all, the orcas, the whales, the bears, the eagles, the sea lions, the scenery, sun & wind, etc. It fires our imaginations and memories. Glad you are having such an exciting adventure together--including the unexpected challenge of a failed transmission. Your resourcefulness is unflappable. Glad to see that the rendezvous with Jimmy worked out and that you had a great time together. More happy sailing! Doug & Carolyn