Sunday, June 3, 2012

From Petersburg

entering misty fiords

18 big ones

Crab quesedillas, picked crab, crabcakes, crab omelets!

An anchorage we hated to leave!
We visited Misty Fiords , SW of Ketchikan, a beautiful, 5-million acre rainforest with stunning anchorages and waterfalls to astound!  In one spot we set out our crab pot and got 18 big ones!  We could only keep a few, ( well, a few more, too) so had several great crab dinners.  Then on to Wrangle through lots of heavy rain. The sun came out and we actually had enough wind to get all three sails up for the afternoon.  Now we are in Petersburg, surrounded by fisherpersons. Life is an amazing adventure.

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  1. SOOOO FUN! Now I wish I could have been a deck hand...did you need me to run up the mast again?? Do NOT get sick of crab Carol..