Sunday, May 27, 2012

Getting closer to Alaska

Longhouse community Center

Waterfalls everywhere.

Drama in the mountains.

A glacier in May.

Hi JJ and Jesse

Another beautiful anchorage.

Sunrise in Bishop Bay.

Entering Alaskan waters.

Downtown Ketchican.
We had a lovely day rounding Cape problems!  Then up through the BC fiords with good weather and mild seas.  Finally made it to Ketchican, Alaska's 4th largest city, and are spending a couple nights here to get more food into the boat, do laundry, catch up with everyone and relax. Dinner out for a change.  And here are some photos we thought you might enjoy.

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  1. Great blog Carol! Keep the entries coming. Just had an email from John pointing your bike-riding pals to your blog so we can follow along now. What a great adventure! Safe sailing to you.