Thursday, July 19, 2012

Green Island lighthouse

The mists of July

Reall beautiful, eh?

did they forget me?

beware of the rocks!

crashing waves cannot stop the Walkabout

leaving Alaska is difficult

can we get through that small opening?

Shore duty disaster in the mud. John and Buddy had a good laugh!
Hi Folks,  This may be our last blog since internet is really hard to find in British Columbia, as is phone service. We are in the "outback" so to speak, and along with its incredible beauty is remoteness.  We anchor in little inlets and harbors each night, sometimes waiting for calm weather.  The photos are not as magnificent as in Alaska, but there is a huge difference in the weather:  sun and no rain.  We will hopefully sail into Port Townsend on or around the 28th if weather permits. Then the big move to Seattle for a year while John does his work at Seattle U.  It's been the trip of a lifetime, and we both feel sorry to see it end, but realize that our window for doing it was perfect and are so glad to have seen and done it all.  See you soon!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful trip with us. And the glorious photos. Looking forward to having you back soon. Warmly, Barbara